Who Are We

We are a group of 41 mentors who strive hard to fulfill all basic necessities of our children. Each one of us are highly educated and have ample of experience of working in different fields. Our objective is to make our children capable enough to grow and overcome the hard times of life they have seen through out their life. We work here in collaboration with intellectuals, professionals to guide our children and influence them to achieve great in their life.

Our Mission

Our every student must develop in such a manner that they should be fearless, confident , easily find their own way to make their own identity in society. They should be good citizen of India.

What We Do

Trust provide them continuous support, show them correct direction to grow in life. The teachers have taken tremendous efforts to sculpting the future of these students. Students are joining our trust when they are in 9 th standard. After 10 th we have Mentoring Project where we have team of 30 mentors who gives full support to college going students. Here in this project , Aptitude test are taken and then according to students choice they will get proper guidence to choose their carriers.

Late Shri Sathi ChanduBhai Mehta
In the past centuries we have witnessed many social workers who came up from the Konkan belt. Chandubhai Mehta was born on 16th August,1926'. During his entire 68 years of journey he was overwhelmed by Sane Guruji’s preachings, ideas and thoughts. During the Pre- independence period he protested against the Britishers. He participated in Goa freedom fight. He received affection from Sane Guruji. His birthplace is Matvan near Dapoli. He worked hard to develop the village and its roads. Village students had to travel to talukal level for their exams, he would make stay arrangement facilities for those students. He allowed the villages, whose stayed far off; near the boarders to use his well to fulfill the needs for drinking water. His nature was helping and supportive for the unprivileged and poor .He believed in secularism. Working with Rashtra Seva Dal, he taught social responsibilities to our families and friends. And as a token of love they all established “ Sathi Chandubhai Mehta Samajseva Pratishtan “, in 1996. Here they started working with students using the activities based approach

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